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About us

Kleygelatin-AT LTD is the trading-industrial company which is coming to the forefront in the Russian market in the field of sale of production of an animal origin.

Experts of our company possess an extensive knowledge on technology of bone glue, hide glue and gelatin, on quality assurance glue and gelatin production. Therefore area of our activity following kinds of production: bone glue, hide glue, technical gelatine, edible gelatin, jelly glue and other similar.

Our main objective - to provide requirement of the Russian industry for glutinous and gelatinous production, in this connection we co-operate with many manufacturers worldwide.

We do quality соntrol in all arriving production.We do quality соtrol both ourselves, and other laboratories. It allows to estimate authentically quality of arriving production and to render the effective help to our clients in use of glues of an animal origin and gelatin.

Our clients are the enterprises both in Russia, and in other countries of the world.

Last years requirements to customs registration have become tougher, but we successfully carry out the foreign trade operations with registration of necessary documents and certificates.

We are always ready to consider offers on trade in glue and gelatin production.